Success! Meet Julie Duncan

Success stories!! Meet Julie Julie And Larry Duncan. A member of the Fitness Firm. - - - “In 2013, I made a decision I was not going to hit 200 pounds. Weighing 198, I went to Nikki Lay (Nikki Lay) at Fitness Firm and said HELP ME!!! So the journey began. I fussed, cussed, cried, laughed and sometimes punched her (lightly). We have a love/ hate relationship, but I would never have made it without Nikki. She encouraged me and pushed me. I have had struggles over the last six years, but I kept going. - - - In January 2019, I was having stomach issues and was told I had fat around my liver. So I made another decision to buckle down more and get over this plateau and get the weight off, get healthy, and meet my goals. I joined FASTer Way to Fat Loss (FWTWL) with Ashely Phillips Turner as my coach for 6 weeks.. - - - Nikki helped me also. We buckled down on the workouts to get to 160 pounds. I have now met and passed my goal, but this will be a new lifestyle for me to continue to stay healthy. It’s not about the number on the scale, it’s about how you feel and how your clothes fit you. Losing more inches, being tone, and feeling good physically and mentally are the important thing.- - - BEGINNING WEIGHT: 198 pounds CURRENT WEIGHT: 154 pounds INCHES LOST: 32 inches - - If you are struggling, do not give up. Contact Nikki Lay or any of the Fitness Firm trainers and let them help you meet your goals. It won’t happen overnight but it can happen. You can do this!! “ Julie Billiter Duncan - -

We love seeing you reach your goals and being so vulnerable about your journey. Thanks for being a part of the Fitness Firm Of Lawrenceburg! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to continue to watch you kill it! #fitnessfirmoflawrenceburg

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